March 22, 2019

Justice David Medina – Unfit for Duty

by Dave Welch

Modern political conservatism is and must have its foundation in the absolute commitment to truth, integrity, and character exemplified in faithful adherence to Judeo-Christian principles as espoused in our U.S. Constitution regarding civil government. Any breakdown in the first set of qualities inevitably leads to corruption of the practice. In other words, character and morals will dictate performance and when the sword of justice is at stake, the character and morals must be unimpeachable.

That is the primary issue at hand in regards to Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina. The issue is whether he is ethically and morally fit to sit on the highest court in Texas rendering judgments that impact millions of people after significant evidence of corrupt behavior that includes indictments by a grand jury, of which some members I know personally and trust implicitly.

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Dave Welch
Houston, TX

(Dave Welch is founder and Executive Director of Houston Area Pastor Council and Texas Pastor Council, former National Field Director of Christian Coalition, former Executive Director of Vision America and his GOP credentials include being a delegate to three Republican National Conventions (from Washington State), eleven state conventions (WA and TX), fourteen county/district conventions (WA and TX) and was elected chairman of the Washington State delegation to the 1996 RNC in San Diego as well as having served as precinct chairman in WA and TX and the state Republican Executive Committee in WA.)

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Dave Welch, TX Freedom Rally Speaks on TX Supreme Court Justice Place 4 Race

jwplayer file=””] Dave Welch, Texas Alliance for Ethical Government board member speaks at Texas Freedom Rally on 7/21/12 as to why Christian Conservatives and others should not vote for Justice David Medina in the upcoming runoff election on 7/31/12 for TX Supreme Court Justice Place 4. Welch explains why the Medina arson indictments are relevant [...]

Former Hart Galleries owners going to prison in Ponzi scheme

 July 13, 2012 Article Excerpts: …A Harris County judge on Friday ordered Jerry and Wynonne Hart, the former owners of the prestigious Galleria-area auction house Hart Galleries, to begin serving 14-year prison sentences for a $4 million Ponzi scheme, the couple’s attorneys said. …More than three years after they pleaded guilty, a judge executed [...]

Perry’s general counsel benefitted from experts in his own arson-related case October 15, 2009 Article Excerpts: The governor’s general counsel, David Medina, was subsequently appointed to the Texas Supreme Court. In a bizarre turn, Medina and his wife were indicted in 2007 in their own arson-related case. They were accused of tampering with evidence in a fire at their home. The Medinas hired experts who [...]

Texas Judge and Wife Excape Arson Charges – Again

August 30, 2009 Article Excerpts: The fire burned their house down completely and caused damages to two of their neighbors’ homes as well.  It was the second time in ten years that a suspicious fire burned down their home, both times starting in the garage.

Records show signs of trouble in Medina finances

Signs of trouble in Medina finances Records show judge tapped all his home’s equity January 31, 2008 Records show signs of trouble in Medina finances Article Excerpts: One of  Medina’s neighbors, Georgann  Srock, told the Chronicle that Medina had told her shortly before the fire that he and his wife were preparing to put [...]

Medina grand jurors want to offer evidence to new panel

Jurors disbanded in Medina case want to offer evidence January 23, 2008 Should any of the former jurors appear before the new grand jury, they cannot divulge anything they heard before their original term ended. State District Judge Jim Wallace said the grand jurors aren’t legally obligated to remain silent about what they heard [...]

Legally Speaking: A Judicial Career Up in Flames? The Strange Case of David Medina January 28, 2008 Article Excerpts  University of Texas Law School professor and criminal law expert Steven Goode says that while a prosecutor certainly has discretion not to pursue a case, he finds it “very unusual for a prosecutor to decide so soon to seek dismissal of the charges in a well-publicized case.”

Jury blocked from reindicting a Justice

January 23, 2008 Article Excerpts: At a news conference later, 8 of the grand jury’s 12 members called the district attorney’s handling of the case arrogant and incompetent, The Associated Press reported. “We thought we were doing the right thing,” said one of them, Shannon Burns, “and someone puts a big wall up in [...]

Judge Questions Decision to Quash Indictments of Texas Supreme Court Justice and Wife; Criticizes Actions of Prosecutors as Premature and Careless

January 23, 2008 Article Excerpts: While state Judge Jim Wallace agreed to the prosecutor’s demand to toss out the indictments, he strongly criticized both the decision and the competence of the prosecutors — voicing obvious questions over why prosecutors would seek an indictment over months only to quash those indictments when they are handed [...]

Juror in Medina case speaks out again January 20, 2008 [Terry Yates referencing grand jury and case]:  “It was predetermined in the sense that there was not sufficient evidence that Judge Medina did anything wrong and for them to indict, this case anyway, it just shows they had an agenda.” Article Excerpts: “I love grand juries. I think they do a [...]