July 23, 2018

Attacks on Grand Jurors

David V. Medina Attorneys:

 Terry Yates

Medina attorney asks judge to sanction 2 grand jurors
“They’ve made a mockery of the entire process,” Yates said. “This is crazy. This is mind-boggling, what this grand jury has done. This is more than a runaway grand jury. This is a grand jury speeding away in a Lamborghini.”


Yates/Medina Press Conference 1/18/2008



Terry Yates

Remarks Made at Yates/Medina Press Conference on January 18, 2008
This obviously a ploy to undermine Judge Medina.  It’s clear they are Log Cabin Republicans.  They’ve got an agenda.   This cannot be tolerated. “  (source:  KHOU  News)





Dick DeGuerin

Foreman: Grand Jury Wants to Make Presentation on Medina Investigation to Incoming Panel

Houston criminal defense attorney Dick DeGuerin, a partner in DeGuerin, Dickson & Hennessy who represents Francisca Medina, says, “I think what happens when you have repeat grand jurors, they almost become professional grand jurors and they get drunk with the power that grand jurors have. … They’re supposed to be an independent body. But their authority ends when the true bill or no bill is issued. They need to give it a rest.”


 John Parras

LEGALLY SPEAKING: A judicial career up in flames, the strange case of David Medina

Attorney John Parras, a member of Francisca Medina’s defense team along with noted criminal lawyer Dick DeGuerin, said there was nothing unusual about the prosecutors’ decision, and that Mr. Rosenthal “was just exercising his discretion. It was a runaway grand jury indicting on no evidence.”(http://www.setexasrecord.com/arguments/206801-legally-speaking-a-judicial-career-up-in-flames-the-strange-case-of-david-medina)

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