July 23, 2018

David Medina indicted by grand jury for arson


January  17, 2008

Article Excerpts:

Nathan Green, the lead investigator on the case, said in October that a dog detected an accelerant at the fire scene.

It was the second such fire at the family’s home in 10 years; both started in the garage.

Suspicion was fueled by a trail of financial troubles  for the Medinas, including foreclosure proceedings and tax liens against the fire-ravaged home, according to court records and other documents.

A mortgage company filed to foreclose on the home in June 2006, according to public records. Medina and the mortgage company reached an agreement the following December, according to Green.

The foreclosure filing was a “very, very big red flag” for investigators, Green said.

The home was not covered by an insurance policy, which lapsed because the premiums weren’t paid, Green said. The loan on the house was insured by the finance company, he said.