July 23, 2018

Harris County Judges

Judge Jim Wallace
TX State District Judge







Judge Jim Wallace,  State District Judge


Exerpted Comments from Judge Wallace: 

A judge criticized the Harris County District Attorney’s Office today for not standing behind a grand jury’s decision to indict a Texas Supreme Court Justice and his wife in connection the 2007 fire that destroyed the couple’s Spring home.

“Why did they bring the case to the grand jury if they didn’t want the grand jury to do its job?” state District Judge

Jim Wallace asked. “At that point in time, you ought to stand by, and abide by, what the grand jury wishes to do.”

The criticism came on the heels of Wallace’s decision to disband the grand jury that indicted David Medina and his wife because of a procedural error by Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal‘s office, nullifying at least two months of work and maybe more, Wallace said.

He said the case should have been investigated further before dismissing the indictment.

“The unusual aspect of this case is that it was dismissed so quickly,” he said. “It should have been allowed to run its course.”

“That’s my concern, because I know how hard it is to impanel grand jurors,” Wallace said. “They think ‘Why waste our time?’”

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