July 23, 2018

Dave Welch, TX Freedom Rally Speaks on TX Supreme Court Justice Place 4 Race

jwplayer file=”http://www.runawaygrandjury.org/media/Dave_Speech_264.flv”]

Dave Welch, Texas Alliance for Ethical Government board member speaks at Texas Freedom Rally on 7/21/12 as to why Christian Conservatives and others should not vote for Justice David Medina in the upcoming runoff election on 7/31/12 for TX Supreme Court Justice Place 4. Welch explains why the Medina arson indictments are relevant in this race and why voters should view the new video “Runaway Grand Jury or Runaway Justice?” and read the truth about who the members of the 1st Grand Jury to indict the Medina really were at: RunawayGrandJury.Org before casting their votes.

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