July 23, 2018

Perry’s general counsel benefitted from experts in his own arson-related case


October 15, 2009

Article Excerpts:

The governor’s general counsel, David Medina, was subsequently appointed to the Texas Supreme Court. In a bizarre turn, Medina and his wife were indicted in 2007 in their own arson-related case. They were accused of tampering with evidence in a fire at their home. The Medinas hired experts who found that the arson investigation was flawed and they were cleared of all charges.

Says Smith:  
The parallel is incredible, really. The indictment against Francisca Medina was dismissed because independent experts said the fire could have been started by faulty wiring. Willingham was executed after Perry’s office rejected an independent expert who said the fire that killed the Willingham children was probably not arson, but caused by faulty wiring.